The Roll of Honour seeks to recognise Black Cantabs who have made especially significant and meritorious contributions to the development of society. Selected Black Cantabs may come from any field or background and it is important that they are recognised both in their home nations, as well as in the international arena for their outstanding achievements.


  • Arts
    Nominations in this category should have excelled in the literary, performance or visual arts with notable appearances, performances, publications or exhibitions in the public space.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    In this category, nominations are expected to have established or played a key role in an organisation that has made a significant and positive social and/or environmental impact. Their works should extend beyond the private sector, and into improving the livelihood of communities around them.

  • Public Life, Social Activism, and Governance
    Nominations should have dedicated a significant part of their time and works to the service and development of the wider society as a whole. They should have made significant contributions in ensuring that the rights of all members of society are recognised, respected and valued.

  • Sciences
    Nominations here are expected to have carried out extensive research in a scientific subject, with widely published works, experience in teaching/lecturing/researching in an academic institution with tenure or fellowship

  • Sports
    In this category, nominations should be for athletes who have competed and distinguished themselves at the highest level in any sporting event. Special recognition can be given to Black Cantabs who have achieved a Cambridge Blue.

Selection Process
You are all invited to nominate a Black Cantab who fits into any of the highlighted categories. These nominations can be for alumni or current Black Cantabs. Please provide a brief summary of their achievements, and why you think they should be selected. These nominations will be featured on the website with an article highlighting their contributions, and celebrating their achievements. They shall also be officially recognised at the Annual Black Cantabs Dinner (to take place in October in honour of Black History Month).