Prof. Vincent Alaba Akinsete

Professor Vincent Alaba Akinsete graduated from Cambridge in 1960 with a BA in Mechanical Science. After completing his degree, he returned to Nigeria, working with the Electricity Corporation of Nigeria (ECN) Ijora Power Station as a Power Engineer. While there, he frequently partnered with counterpart British agencies such as the Central Electricity Generating Board (at Blythe “B” Power Station), Newcastle Hawker Siddeley Brush Electric, Queen Engineering Works, Mirrlees Bickerton & Day, Stockport (Hawker Siddeley Group) to carry out capacity building initiatives (Nigerian Academy of Engineers, 2015).

Following a long career in the power sector, he joined the University of Lagos, Mechanical Engineering Department as a Lecturer II and was appointed Professor of Mechanical Engineering in 1978. He retired from the University of Lagos in 1985 and has since been a Principal Partner of Finco Engineers, a firm of Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineers. He is a Fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers, and the Nigerian Academy of Engineering.

He has published extensively on thermos-fridge engineering and energy management.

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Nigerian Academy of Engineers, 2015:


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