Ambassador Fulgence Kazaura

Ambassador Fulgence Kazaura was a member of St. John’s and graduated from Cambridge in 1965. Originally from Tanzania, he returned home to work at the National development corporation. Over the course of his illustrious career, he served as a permanent secretary in several ministries, chaired on the boards of numerous government organisations including the Tanzania Electric National Company, the Tanzania Audit Corporation, Bank of Africa and the Tanzania Investment Bank. He served as Tanzania’s ambassador to the EU and Belgium before becoming an advisor to the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. He also served as the Deputy Secretary General after the establishment of the East African Community in 1999, (The Citizen, 2014).

The later part of his career was committed to furthering academic excellence at the Dar es Salam University and was a Chairman of the University Council for 7 years before becoming the Vice Chancellor of University for another 10 years. In that time, he was appointed honorary fellow of St. John’s in 2007 (St. John’s College, 2016). Ambassador Kazaura died in February 2014 while undergoing treatment for cancer in India.

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